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[[Ki continues reading Trish's journal, and throughout this sequence Trish narrates.]]
Trish: None of us chose to be left behind. For most of us, we were simply in the wrong place at the right time. And the circumstances that put us here were forced upon us.
[[We see Ki, Justin, Sharon, and Fooker as they were during the climax of "Scylla and Charybdis", clustered together in various states of surprise and grim determination. Behind them are a sea of curious Greys, watching the events unfold.]]

Trish: And yet, in the midst of an impossible, no-win scenario, with the fate of our home world in the balance, one man stepped up to do the impossible: to save us from annihilation.
[[We see Nick, with shaggy hair and beard, scowling as he holds the MUTEX remote, ready to zap the Earth into another universe.]]

Trish: It was not an easy choice. Even if I were miraculously given the power to carry it out, I know I couldn't have made it. Despite this, that man did, and the Earth was saved.
[[Aboard the Physaric ship, Lieutenant Johnson takes Colonel Lionel Barker into custody as Patty, Trish, and Dexter celebrate their victory.]]

Trish: Still, the very act of saving our planet resulted in us losing it, sending it hurtling through a sea of endless universes. For that, this man is seen as both a saint and a monster.
[[With the climax over, a distraught Nick turns with his back to the reader, looking forlornly out a view port at the now solitary Moon, contemplating the repercussions of his actions.]]

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