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[[Ki continues reading through Trish's journal and comes to another unexpected interview, this time with Colonel Lionel Barker. The Colonel is seated primly in his cell, back straight, legs crossed, and with his hands folded casually in his lap.]]
Barker: [With a sly smile] I must commend your efforts to document our situation, young lady. A most noble undertaking, assuming there are future generations capable of consuming it...

Barker: [Thoughtfully] Mr. Wellington is a formidable opponent. I must admit I underestimated him. I knew he was a bit of a wild card, but he was one contingency I failed to anticipate.

Barker: [Annoyed] I find this whole "alternate realities" business to be a bit far-fetched. Then again, I didn't believe in extraterrestrials until relatively recently either.

Barker: [With a wry smile] I would offer my assistance, but I can understand his and my sons' reluctance to have me roam freely. Better to keep the known wolf penned whilst scanning the forest for more...

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