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[[Ki continues reading Trish's journal and comes to yet another interview, this time with Planck. The little alien sits cross-legged on a table or desk, spreading his arms wide in an excited gesture.]]
Planck: [Smiling] I can hardly believe it! Exploring other universes... a year ago, I would have never thought it possible! You humans never cease to amaze me!

Planck: [Holding his hand up as if whispering conspiratorially] Officially, of course, the Grey High Command denies the scientific plausibility of alternate universes. Still, I can't deny what I've seen with my own optic orbs. They DO exist.

Planck: [Relaxing with a faint smile] Nick is the smartest human I know. I don't know HOW his fantastic machines work, but they DO, and that means something. I think even the Supreme Fu knows he's different.

Planck: [His smile growing wider] Besides, he stood up for me when the Grand Protuberance had me revised and mind wiped. In a way, I owe him my life. So of COURSE I want to help him. I WANT to believe.

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