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[[As Ki continues reading Trish's journal, she comes to yet another interview, this one with Pi. The alien appears to be rather busy, fiddling with a data tablet.]]
Pi: [Annoyed] Of COURSE I'm skeptical. There are too many variables that don't add up. Don't get me started on how that crazy machine of his does things that should be impossible.

Pi: [Narrowing his eyes] Still, I can't deny what I've seen, or how he stuck out his cranial stalk for Planck in front of the Supreme Fu. That could have just as easily been me, and I know he'd do the same.

Pi: [Softening] I won't pretend to understand everything that's going on, but... I'm starting to believe Nick CAN do the impossible. He DID hide the Earth, and he WILL get it back. How, I don't know.

Pi: [With a twinge of sadness and awe] We used to believe we were more highly evolved than your species. But now... now I see qualities in you I'm envious of. Courage, imagination... humans are really amazing.

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