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[[Ki continues reading through Trish's journal. She reaches an interview with Chris, who at first seems somewhat reluctant to share her thoughts. She sits on her bed in her room, with one knee drawn up to her chest and her arms wrapped around it.]]
Chris: I had a hard time coming to terms with what Nick did to "save" the Earth. All of us did. Some of us took it harder than others.

Chris: But then I saw how much faith his friends had in him. At first I couldn't understand why. He's not charismatic. He's not some imposing figure who demands instant respect.

Chris: [Narrowing her eyes thoughtfully] Instead, he's quiet and reserved. But he also won't back down, and he's honest to a fault. You know that he means what he says. He doesn't sugar-coat.

Chris: [Sporting a defiant smile] I'd rather put my trust in someone who speaks the truth than someone who'll placate me to make me feel better. Let ME choose to accept the danger, and I'll follow.

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