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[[As Ki continues her journey through Trish's journal, she hits an interview with Fred. As Planck, Persephone, and Socrates converse in the background, Fred sits on a table in the foreground.]]
Fred: Nick's a pretty good guy, for a human. I only understand half of what comes out of his mouth, though, and I'm the guy who learned to read from the Oxford Dictionary.

Fred: If there's anyone here who knows a thing or two about highs and lows, it's me. I've gone from the celebrity limelight to rock bottom. I was on "Dancing with the Stars", you know.

Fred: Nick's been struggling of late, straining under the heavy load he's carrying. But I've never seen him buckle. Not even once. He's a trouper. It's actually pretty inspiring.

Fred: I don't know if we'll ever find the Earth, but I hope we do. It's more home to me than space ever was, and I still have several dozen Netflix shows to catch up on.

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