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[[Ki's tour through Trish's journal takes her to an interview with Trudy. She sits in a chair in the center of her room, leaning forward as she rests her elbows on her thighs.]]
Trudy: [Bluntly] You don't have to pretend to like me. No one does. I'm the lying, manipulative @#$%^ who once tried to take over the world. There's no point in trying to hide that fact.

Trudy: [Looking off to the side] I DESERVE to be ostracized. I've committed a multitude of sins. Even when given a second chance, when I turned over a new leaf, forgiveness is fleeting, and I'm OK with that.

Trudy: [Uncomfortably] There's one person who never shunned me, though. He forgave me, in fact, even when I didn't deserve it. Even when no one else would stand up for me, I know HE would.

Trudy: [Grimly, looking the reader in the eye] I love him. I know he can never return it, and I've accepted that. But I would follow Nick Wellington to the gates of hell and back, and punch Satan himself in the face if he asked.

References: Trudy's bid for world domination; Her search for repentance: (1) (2) (3); Trudy's love for Nick: (1) (2) (3) (4)
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