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[[As Ki continues reading Trish's journal, the interviews come to an end and the narrative returns to Trish's own thoughts. As she continues, we see her walk past a doorway on the Grey ship. She peeks through the door to spy Nick talking to an unnamed Grey.]]
Trish: Nick Wellington remains a controversial figure. Those who know him well do not question his motives. Those who do not... their opinions vary wildly.

Trish: I will admit that my opinion is probably biased. Technically, I barely know him. The main I THOUGHT was him for months was actually an evil duplicate form another universe.
[[Trish pauses to reflect, thinking back to a time shortly after she joined GPF. Her past self seems pleased, while behind her, "Nega-Nick" (masquerading as Nick) smiles evilly.]]

Trish: However, the people I know and trust implicitly give him the same devotion, and my personal observations offer nothing to contradict that trust. As such, he has earned mine.
[[Trish's thoughts return to the present, and she reflexively smiles as she seeks Fooker and Sharon join Nick.]]

Trish: And yet, I would be negligent if I ignored his dissenters. There are many who either do not understand or cannot accept his explanations, and who are justifiably angry.
[[She turns the other direction and looks down the hall, where two unnamed humans seem to be scowling in Nick's direction, obviously displeased.]]

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