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[[Ki continues reading Trish's journal as Trish begins reaching the summary to her introduction.]]
Trish: In an effort to remain objective, I tried to include interviews with this text that represent a wide range of views about Nick, or related to our search. I leave it to you to judge for bias.
[[Trish watches with concern as one of the unnamed humans from the previous strip walks past an open doorway with disdain, while inside the door we see Fooker joking around, embarrassing Nick and frustrating Sharon.]]

Trish: However, I will summarize with this: In the months since we were stranded here in lunar orbit, Nick has barely rested, working tirelessly to reverse that which he has done.
[[The scene shifts, and we find Nick front and center, coordinating as others bustle around him, performing various tasks. Among the group we find Chris, Justin, Pi, Planck, Patty, and Dexter. Vague outlines in the background imply many others also hard at work.]]

Trish: While the efforts of those who have assisted him should not be discounted, no one has done more than he has. He is the first to rise, and the last to collapse in exhaustion.
[[In another scene change, Nick sits in the floor in the foreground, wiping the sweat from his brow as he takes a wrench to a piece of equipment. In the background, Trudy walks out of the doorway with Ki not far behind her. Ki turns and looks back at her husband with concern.]]

Trish: Whether he is haunted by the billions who were lost, only he knows, but it is a burden he shoulders alone. We who help only lighten his load temporarily. He blames only himself.
[[Nick sits in the floor alone with is back to the reader, working on Velociraptor with tools strewn around him. The background is dark, implying that it is very late at night.]]

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