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[[Ki comes to the end of Trish's journal introduction. Trish continues to narrate.]]
Trish: I, for one, am determined to remain optimistic. Since the Earth's disappearance, I have made new friends and had amazing adventures. This is a time I know I will cherish.
[[We see an "away party" exploring another universe. This dimension seems to be based on Japanese anime or manga, as Dexter has been transformed into a "Totoro"-like creature. Trish and Patty are dressed as anime school girls, while Fooker looks like a character from "Dragon Ball Z".]]

Trish: Yes, it was a situation none of us wanted, but we have made the most of it and, in the process, have accomplished things mankind has never seen before.
[[Trish has returned to the "prime" universe. She waves to Chris as she leaves the room, while behind her we see Doctor Granger and Mark/Mike talking.]]

Trish: Personally, I do believe we will find the Earth, and Nick will restore it as he promised. It may take months, years, or even lifetimes, but I will do everything I can to do my part.
[[Trish enters another room to find the core cast gathered together: Nick, Ki, Fooker, Sharon, and Trudy.]]

[[The scene transitions back to Ki's room. She is still seated as we saw her earlier, with the tablet propped up on her knees. As she finishes Trish's journal entry, tears well up in her eyes.]]
Trish: [In the journal] And when we DO get back, I will have so many wondrous stories to share, and incredible friends to share them with. And I hope you will share them with others as well.

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