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[[Ki hands Trish's tablet back to her.]]
Trish: Y-you... y-you d-don't have a-any ch-changes?
Ki: Nothing that would improve on what's already there.

Ki: Look, there are all sorts of things I would have done differently, but then it would be MY voice, not YOURS, and I would certainly be biased, especially where Nick is concerned.

[[Trish looks up from the tablet as Ki continues.]]
Ki: I forget sometimes that you've only just met the REAL Nick recently, what with "Negaverse" clones running around everywhere. You are in a unique position: close, but objective.

Ki: [Smiling] If you want me to keep reading and providing feedback, I will, but I can't think of anyone better qualified to tackle this than you.
[[Trish is flabbergasted by Ki's compliment.]]

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