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[[Ki gives Trish an amused smile.]]
Ki: Coder, analyst, seamstress, thespian, and now journalist... I had no idea you were such a polymath, Trish.
Trish: [With a sheepish smile] Th-thank y-you, K-Ki!

Trish: [Looking back down at her tablet excitedly] I c-can't w-wait to let e-everyone e-else r-read this!
Ki: [Cautiously] Let's... not be premature. You still have a lot of work left to do. You don't want to serve a half-baked cake.

Ki: You should keep writing, and I'll keep proofreading and making suggestions. Then once it's polished, we can solicit feedback from everyone else.

Trish: [Anxiously] Sh-should I a-at least l-let N-Nick read it? S-since he f-figures so p-prominently?
Ki: [Cringing] Absolutely not! At least, not yet. Trust me, I'd be a widow after he dies from embarrassment.

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