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Trish: [Clutching her tablet to her chest with a smile] Oh, th-thank y-you, K-Ki! Y-you've been a t-tremendous h-help! I-I d-don't know h-how to th-thank you!
Ki: It's no problem, Trish. I've barely done anything at all, really.

Trish: [Turning serious] Th-that's not t-true. Y-you were the o-one who f-first l-listened when that e-evil m-me r-ruined my life. Y-you w-were the o-one who g-gave me a s-second ch-chance.
[[Ki cocks an eyebrow in surprise.]]

Trish: [Smiling] Y-you h-helped me r-recover m-most of my m-memories and g-got me a j-job at G-GPF. I-I w-wouldn't even be here if it w-weren't for you! I-I owe you e-everything.
[[Ki is moved by Trish's earnest speech.]]

Ki: [Sheepishly] That's what friends are for...
Trish: [Diving in to give Ki a huge hug] A-and y-you're one of m-my m-most awesomest f-friends.

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