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[[Trish leaves, turning to wave back at Ki with a smile as she reaches the door. Ki waves back, then thinks to herself...]]
Ki: [Thinking] Well, THAT was an unexpected twist. I knew GPF was full of talented people, but I guess I never expected those talents to be so varied and diverse.

Ki: [Still thinking while looking around her] And I guess Doctor Granger was right. There IS something we can do to help without jumping through universes or getting turned into sapient lima beans.

[[Ki leans back and looks down as she gently pats her growing belly.]]
Ki: [Talking out loud to her unborn child] Listen up, kiddo. I hope you're paying attention, 'cause you're going to have some pretty big shoes to fill one day, and I don't just say that because your dad has huge feet.

[[She turns to look toward the nearest window. Outside, looming large as always, is the Earth's former Moon, around which the Grey ship currently orbits.]]
Ki: [Smiling] One way or another, he's going to get us home, and if we're lucky, when you first open your eyes, you'll see the Earth and not the inside of an alien space ship.

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