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[[An "away team" has just returned from a mission to find the missing Earth. The party consists of Victor Glowerhausen, Chris, Mike/Mark, and Fooker. They all seem a bit shell-shocked upon their return. As they remove their helmets, Pi operates the controls while Nick checks something on a tablet. Behind them, Sharon watches patiently.]]
Victor: [Sarcastically] Well, THAT was a spirited little adventure...
Mike: [Stunned] I don't think I'll ever look at sushi quite the same way again...

Fooker: [Unfazed] Yeah, things always look different on the other side of the dinner plate. [To Nick] Yo, Nickster! You up for some grub, bub?
Nick: [Absently] Pi, purge that quasitron filter again, please.

Chris: [To Fooker] How can you possibly eat after witnessing that... well, THAT?
Sharon: [Smiling] Fooker has an iron stomach. Everything's fair game so long as he can eat it first.
[[Fooker begins poking Nick on the shoulder.]]
Fooker: Pokey, pokey...
[[Nick remains distracted by his tablet.]]

Chris: [Looking disgusted while putting her hand on her stomach] Whatever. I don't think I can eat for the rest of the day...
Fooker: [To Nick] Lunar orbit to Nick. Comm check. You still online?
Nick: [Still distracted, but looking up for the first time] Hm? Sorry? Did you say something...?

References: Quasitrons
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