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Mike/Mark: [Concerned] Nick, are you all right? You look exhausted.
Nick: [Wearily] Oh, I'm... I'm fine. Just a little tired, that's all. Need to recalibrate these settings...

Victor Glowerhausen: When was the last time you had a full night's sleep, young man?
Nick: [Foggily] Uh... I don't know? Tuesday? Wait, what day is this...?

Fooker: [Yanking Nick's tablet from his hand] Nuh-uh. You are overdue for some serious downtime. We can handle things form here.
Sharon: [Helpfully] Go back to your room and get some rest.
Nick: [Flustered] But I don't want to bother Ki...

Chris: Ki's fine. She's with Trish in the xenobotany lab, working on some project. You need rest. If you're not careful, you're going to start hallucinating.
[[Nick looks defeated after being overruled by the entire team.]]

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