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[[Resigned to defeat, Nick leaves the MUTEX chamber as Fooker, Sharon, Mike/Mark, Chris, and Victor Glowerhausen watch him exit.]]
Nick: [Exhausted, thinking to himself] I guess they're right. I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm in no condition to work right now, let alone make critical decisions.

[[He walks down the corridor as several Greys bustle around in the background, working on miscellaneous tasks.]]
Nick: [Thinking] But there's just so much left to do. We may have narrowed down the parameters, but we've barely scratched the surface of universes left to search.

[[He walks through a door into a pitch dark room. As he enters, he rubs the bridge of his nose wearily.]]
Nick: [Thinking] Everyone is counting on me, but I barely know what I'm doing myself. Morale is waning, mine worst of all. How can I dare face all of them when I inevitably fail...?

[[Nick begins to realize that he's walking around in the dark. He looks around in confusion.]]
Nick: [Thinking] Wait... did I make a wrong turn? Where...?
[[He looks up, and suddenly a bright light shines down on him. Whatever he sees, it startles him.]]
Nick: [Aloud] Great googly moogly...

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