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[[Still overwhelmed by the sudden and bizarre change of locale, Nick looks around bewilderedly.]]
Nick: W-where... am I...?
Voice: [Off-panel] It's called the Thirteenth Dimension of the Infinite Rotunda of Eternity. Bit of a mouthful if you ask me...

[[Nick turns toward the source of the unseen voice and finds a figure lurking in the shadows, just outside the spotlight.]]
Nick: I... don't understand...
Voice: You'll get used to that. Eventually, I just started nodding my head and pretending that any of it made sense.

Nick: [Squinting curiously] Wait... do... I know you...?
Voice: Technically, no. We've never met. You died before I was born, but that was in another time line that, also, technically, no longer exists.

[[As the figure steps into the light, Nick finally recognizes him.]]
Nick: [Conflicted] Todd...
Todd: Hey, uh, Dad. I hate to spoil the impromptu family reunion, but we need to get a move on. The meeting's about to start.

References: Todd; Nick informs Ki that he's aware of Todd's (prior) existence; he does not, however, know of Todd's current moonlighting gig ("Never met?" Are they both forgetting this sequence? Apparently I have...)
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