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[[Todd leads Nick out of the spotlight and into the shadows surrounding it.]]
Nick: [Confused] Meeting? What meeting?
Todd: Well, it's probably best if I leave the explanation to the boss but, in a nutshell...

Todd: You're the guest of honor.. sort of.
[[Todd gestures to another brightly lit spotlighted area. Nick gazes in that direction to find a cluster of strange people of all shapes, sizes, and species standing around as if waiting for something. A couple of faces are familiar; among the group are the Inexplicable Speck! and D.C. Smythe, both of whom the GPF crew have encountered before. There others are all strangers: an anthropomorphic cartoon dog dressed in a collared shirt, tie, and slacks; a tall, muscular anthropomorphic duck wearing a mask, a superhero-style body suit, and a cape; a blond human woman, also dressed in a superhero-style body suit, as well as a dark leather jacket; and a human man dressed somewhat like a futuristic cowboy, with a cowboy hat, a bandanna around his neck, jeans, chaps, and cowboy boots, but also futuristic chest armor and armored pauldrons. The eclectic group all turn expectantly toward Todd and Nick as they approach.]]

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