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[[The anthropomorphic superhero duck steps forward, inserting himself between Nick and D.C. Smythe. The duck flashes him a toothy grin as he extends a hand.]]
Alpha Duck: Hey there, fellow cosmic refugee! Name's Greg Gander, although you can call me Alpha Duck. Nice ta meetcha.
Nick: [Tentatively shaking his hand] Um, Hi. N-Nick Wellington.
[[Todd waits patiently behind Nick, while the cartoon dog from the previous strip continues to lurk in the background, curious. Smythe gives the dog a suspicious glance.]]

Alpha Duck: I hear you're a fellow science nerd. That's how I acquired my super powers; kinda blew up my chemistry lab and instant hero!
The Inexplicable Speck: That sounds suspiciously familiar...

[[The human woman, who has thus far simply observed in silence, finally chimes in. As she does, the others turn and listen intently.]]
Woman: [With an awkward smile] I suppose that's better than having aliens accidentally kill you and your sisters, then "rebuild" you into an indestructible powerhouse. At least your story's self-inflicted.

Woman: I'm August James, by the way, one quarter of the James Sisters. And quite frankly, I'm as baffled to be here as you are.
Smythe: [Drolly] Yes, well, you'll get used to that.

References: The Inexplicable Speck!'s origin story, which is why Alpha Duck's origin sounds "suspiciously familiar"
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