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[[A human man dresses as a "futuristic cowboy" steps forward and inserts himself in the existing conversation. He wears a long sleeved shirt, jeans, chaps, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a bandanna, but also futuristic body armor. He slaps Nick on the back so hard that he nearly falls over.]]
Apocalypse Pete: Howdy there, Nickster! Glad ta finally meetcha! I'm Apocalypse Pete! Been readin' yer comic online fer years now!
Nick: [Staggering] My... what...?
[[The others seem a bit surprised at the cowboy's interjection.]]

Apocalypse Pete: [Smugly] Technically, 'course, my site predated yours, but then ol' Jeff got so caught up drawin' yer adventures, he started ignorin' mine.
D.C. Smythe: [Annoyed, eying Pete suspiciously] This one's a bit... daft.
[[In the background, August James and the Inexplicable Speck! share an uneasy glance.]]
Speck: [Whispering] Who's "Jeff"?
[[August shrugs.]]

[[Apocalypse Pete begins to lead Nick away from the others, putting his arm around Nick to steer him. In the process, he hooks Nick's neck so tightly he practically puts him in a headlock. Nick seems to have trouble breathing.]]
Apocalypse Pete: [Defensively] That's just 'cause I'm genre-savvy! Self-aware, ya know? Ya ignorant hicks can stay confined ta yer four-walled panels. We author avatars oughta stick together!
[[Behind them, a shadow lurks.]]

[[The shadowy figure intercepts them. He appears to be an anthropomorphic cartoon dog, complete with a big nose, large eyes, and even gloves on his hands. He flashes Nick a broad smile.]]
Sam Spaniel: I'M an author avatar too! AND self-aware! Name's Sam Spaniel! I'm a toon!
Apocalypse Pete: [Suspiciously to Nick] Ignore the mutt. We don't talk about our "furry phase"...

References: For the record, I want to make it clear that I'm not anti-furry. That's probably evident enough, considering that there's four anthropomorphic animals in this strip alone. I've always lurked on the fringes of the fandom, appreciating it from the sidelines, but I've never been a very active participant. Apocalypse Pete, on the other hand, seems more interested in bonding with Nick as a fellow "author avatar" than anything else, and seems to be doing anything to distance the two of them from Sam Spaniel as possible. He's generally nicer than this, but he must be particularly selfish today...
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