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[[Nick manages to wrest himself free of Apocalypse Pete and begins backing away from him and the others.]]
Nick: [Frustrated] Look, I'm nobody's "avatar". I don't know how I got here or even where here is, or how I'm talking to my unborn son and a bunch of anthropomorphic animals.

Nick: I THOUGHT I took a wrong turn at that last corridor, but obviously something else is up. Exactly who around here can tell me what the heck is going on?
[[He continues backing up until he bumps into a tall, shadowy figure standing behind him.]]

[[Nick slowly turns around and glances upward, surprised by what he sees.]]
Nick: Uh...

[[Our view switches to Nick's perspective, as he looks up into the grinning face of the Gamester standing over him.]]
Gamester: That would be me.

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