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[[The Gamester bows theatrically, bringing his face level with Nick's. He smiles broadly.]]
Gamester: I am the Gamester. I'm afraid you and I are long overdue for formal introductions, Nicholas Wellington.

[[Nick takes a few steps backward.]]
Nick: [Suspiciously] Then... you have something to do with me being here...?
D.C. Smythe: He's the reason ALL of us are here. He's rather impertinent, to say the least.
[[Beside Smythe, Alpha Duck grits his teeth.]]

Apocalypse Pete: [Angrily] This ain't the first time this clown done interfered in our affairs...
August James: [Grimly] I'll say. Half the heroes on my Earth would rather punch him than talk to him.
[[Behind them, the Inexplicable Speck! looks ready to fight, while Sam Spaniel seems rather timid.]]

Gamester: [Disappointed] Oh, dear. And here I thought my methods were improving...
Todd: I keep saying you need to work on your people skills, Big G.
[[Nick looks back and forth between Todd and the Gamester, utterly confused.]]

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