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[[The Gamester takes a step back and motions toward the darkness behind him.]]
Gamester: Yes, well, there will be plenty of time for reconciling that later. For now, you six go join the others. I'll be with you in a few moments.
Sam Spaniel: Will there be snacks?

Nick: [Turning to Todd] Others?
Todd: The, uh, billion or so other representatives from various universes affected by the current crisis. They're just over there, in the next pocket of space-time.

Nick: [Confused] Current crisis?
D.C. Smythe: [As he passes by] Why ELSE would the Gamester call such a once-in-an-eon gathering of delegates from across the Cosmos? I can't wait to hear what THIS one is all about...

[[As the others walk into the shadows, Gamester turns to eye father and son as their conversation continues.]]
Nick: [To Todd] Should... I be going over there too...?
Todd: [Sympathetically] Uh, no. The boss needs to talk to you alone first. You're, uh, kinda smack dab in the middle of this whole mess...

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