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[[Gamester turns to Todd and gives him a slight smile.]]
Gamester: Run along now, Todd. I'm afraid the family reunion must wait for another time.
Todd: [Looking at Nick with concern] Gotcha, boss. Good luck, Dad. You're going to need it.

[[Nick seems to share his son's concern, until he turns to find a strange girl floating in midair, hovering next to him.]]
Mischief: [Smiling] I like this one! He's cuter than that scruffy Fooker guy!
Nick: GAH! Where did YOU come from?

[[Mischief floats around until she hovers behind Gamester's shoulder. Gamester gives her an annoyed sideways glance.]]
Gamester: This is my apprentice, Mischief. Please forgive her spontaneity. We extra-dimensional entities have a tendency to live up to our names.
Mischief: [Eying Nick curiously] I see where Todd gets it from...

Gamester: [Turning to Mischief] Mischief, go see to our guests. Mister Wellington and I are long overdue for a serious heart-to-heart.
Mischief: [Beginning to fly away] See ya around, Nicky! Try not to die of boredom!
[[Nick seems even more flabbergasted than before.]]

References: Mischief; "That scruffy Fooker guy" (Note: the Mischief's Night Out bonus story is currently only available on the main site, not the mobile site.)
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