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[[Now alone, Nick looks pleadingly toward the Gamester.]]
Nick: Forgive me for asking, but... what the heck is going on...?
Gamester: It's... complicated. That said, I brought you here to discuss the situation and your pivotal role in resolving it.

Nick: Todd said something about a crisis...
Gamester: [Grimly] Unfortunately, he is correct. All of reality as you know it is in flux. The cosmic boundaries between universes are failing.

Nick: And... somehow I'M supposed to fix that?
Gamester: At this juncture, you are the ONLY one capable of fixing it. Unless you act and act quickly, the entire Cosmos may collapse.

Nick: [Wearily] I have a feeling I'm going to be asking a lot more questions...
Gamester: [Smiling] And I will try my best to answer them within reason and time permitting. Sadly, our time is frustratingly short.

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