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[[Nick and the Gamester begin walking, as if taking a casual stroll.]]
Gamester: Fortunately, unlike most mortals I have to deal with, you have a surprisingly good working knowledge of multi-dimensional physics.
Nick: [Sheepishly] It... was a self-taught crash course.

[[The Gamester gestures above them. Numerous small, glowing spheres float just overhead.]]
Gamester: You are already aware of how multiple universes are interconnected. We call your "threads of probability" the Cosmic Web. It binds the Cosmos together.

[[Nick stares in awe at the collection of spheres as Gamester continues.]]
Gamester: [Eying Nick with a smile] Universes with an inordinate number of "threads" connecting them form a "template" of sorts for the other universes. We call these nexuses. Your universe just happens to be one.

[[Our view pulls further back. Nick and the Gamester are now in silhouette against a vast sea of spheres that form a mass not unlike a galaxy.]]
Gamester: Each nexus forms an anchor upon which an infinite number of other universes hang. Each is a permutation of its nexus, while the nexus is the definitive "prime" source.

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