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[[The Gamester leans forward and spreads his hands shoulder-width apart, palms facing each other. In between his hands, an ethereal "time line" appears. Nick cocks a surprised eyebrow.]]
Gamester: Each universe has a fixed, definitive time line. Attempts to alter that time line can have disastrous consequences, especially if other universes already exist with that exact series of events.

Gamester: [Giving Nick a sideways glance] This nearly happened when your friend Trudy tried to take over the world, with her future self tutoring her past self. None of those events were meant to happen in your universe.
[[Nick's expression turns grim.]]

[[The Gamester raises his hand, and a cluster of floating spheres appears above it. Several smaller spheres seem to orbit a larger, central one.]]
Gamester: Similarly, cross-dimensional travel can be bothersome, especially with a nexus, although the closer two universes are "related", the less dangerous the crossing becomes.

Gamester: [Looking back to Nick again] That's why your "Negaverse" escapades were so vexing. It was a subtle violation that escalated over time and would have become calamitous if left unchecked.
[[Nick looks away, obviously frustrated.]]

References: Trudy's temporal paradox (Surreptitious Machinations); the gang's "'Negaverse' escapades" (To Thine Own Self...)
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