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[[As the Gamester turns and takes a few steps away, Nick grows curious.]]
Nick: Where do YOU fit into all of this...?
Gamester: [Smiling] You can think of me as a sort of cosmic system administrator. I'm here to see that everything runs smoothly.

Gamester: [Giving Nick a sideways glance while still smiling] That's not always easy to do, of course, with certain mortals possessing time machines and trans-dimensional transports. I must say my job is anything but boring.
[[Nick looks away sheepishly.]]

Gamester: [His expression flattening] Extra-dimensional entities such as Mischief and myself exist outside your concepts of time and space, but that doesn't mean we aren't constrained by them at times like this.

Gamester: [Turning grim] Especially when there are other outside influences at work, perhaps with nefarious and chaotic intent.
[[Realizing what the Gamester may be implying, Nick raises an eyebrow.]]

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