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[[Nick reads between the lines of the Gamester's leading statements and comes to a realization...]]
Nick: [Surprised] Another entity is trying to manipulate my universe...?
Gamester: Not just your universe, but he does have a particular interest in it. And, after all this time, I think I finally know why.

[[The Gamester waves his hand, and a ghostly figure materializes nearby.]]
Gamester: His name is Pandemonium, and as his name suggests, he is an agent of chaos and mayhem. He aided both Empress Trudy and "Nega-Nick" in their prior schemes.

[[Nick eyes the figure of Pandemonium carefully as the Gamester continues.]]
Gamester: Each time, he had no actual interest in their stated goals. HIS objective was turmoil; helping them caused massive disruptions in space an time, destabilizing your universe.

Gamester: [Turning to face Nick] But now I believe this was never his end goal. Rather, he was merely setting the stage for the most disruptive, most dangerous element of chaos in your universe's history...
[[Nick is dismayed by this statement.]]

References: Pandemonium
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