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[[Nick and the Gamester stand in the midst of a dying universe. As the chaos swirls around them, Nick looks around in awe and dismay.]]
Nick: What happened here...?
Gamester: [Grimly] Advanced accelerated entropy. Like a cosmic vampire, an outside force has drained this universe of nearly all its energy, but it didn't start here.

Gamester: [Giving Nick a sideways glance] Fortunately, when I discovered what was happening, I was able to redirect the drain here, to a universe with no indigenous life. Catastrophic as it appears, no one was harmed.

Nick: [Turning to the Gamester] Who could do such a thing? Pandemonium?
Gamester: No. The culprit was well-meaning, and the carnage unintentional. Until now, he didn't know the devastation he had caused.

Nick: [Confused] I... don't understand...
Gamester: [Pointedly looking Nick in the eye] Then tell me this, Nick: As a scientist, is it not true that there is no such thing as a "free-energy" device...?

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