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[[Nick begins to realize what the Gamester is implying. He is suddenly overcome with guilt, and looks down at his hands as if they were stained with someone else's blood.]]
Nick: I did this... with the MUTEX and Velociraptor. I destroyed an entire universe. All that energy I couldn't explain... it had to come from somewhere. It came from here...

[[The Gamester circles around Nick, arms folded behind his back. His expression is flat yet stern.]]
Gamester: Before you rebuke yourself too harshly, you were innocent of malice. You had no idea your inventions would be so destructive. You were toying with things you didn't understand.

[[Our view pulls back. Once again, we see the pair as they stand in the midst of the swirling chaos. Gamester gestures with his hand as he continues.]]
Gamester: Worse yet, your search for your missing planet has had you punching holes in the fabric of reality. The boundaries between worlds are beginning to look like Swiss cheese.

Gamester: [Turning back to Nick with a wry smile] As much as I've admired your ingenuity, I'm afraid you've gone about solving your little problem with all the grace and finesse of a wrecking ball in a glassware shop.
[[Nick's expression slips from guilt to irritation.]]

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