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Nick: [Looking pleadingly toward the Gamester] Then all the others... the Speck!, Smythe... the "current crisis" is all my doing...?
Gamester: Not exactly. You've played an unwitting role in it, but you are not its architect.

Gamester: Pandemonium has taken advantage of the subtle variables in your unique time line. His interference with Empress Trudy and "Nega-Nick" was a means to an end, not an end unto itself.

Gamester: Both incidents served to steer you toward discovering your "true potential", leading to your participation in the alien war and your last-ditch bid to hide the Earth.

Gamester: It was your ensuing search--along with all the dimension hopping it begat--that Pandemonium wanted. With the walls between worlds weakened, chaos will reign.
[[Nick lowers his head, overwhelmed by everything he's heard.]]

References: "Current crisis"
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