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[[Nick desperately tries to reconcile everything he's heard, hoping to find a way to fix it.]]
Nick: What can I do to set this right? Does this mean I have to abandon the search? Does this mean the Earth will be lost forever?
Gamester: No to both of the latter. For that matter...

Gamester: It is IMPERATIVE that you find and return your Earth to its proper place. Your individual universe is in great peril without it. The longer it is missing, the greater the danger becomes.

Gamester: [Looking away] Fortunately, I can assure you that it is currently safe.
Nick: [Hopefully] Then you know where it is? If you can tell me the coordinates, I can restore it right away!

Gamester: [Grimly] Alas, I cannot. I am bound by certain rules I cannot break, and I'm bending them severely by simply telling you this. For now, I'm afraid, you're on your own.
[[Nick is obviously frustrated with this answer.]]

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