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[[The Gamester steps away from Nick, spreading his hands as if to encompass the dying universe surrounding them.]]
Gamester: That's not to say I can't support you via other means. Obviously, you will still need to use your Velociraptor device. I can continue to confine its damage to this universe.

Gamester: [Looking back over his shoulder at Nick and the reader] Just bear in mind that your resources are now finite, both in energy and time. The clock is ticking, so to speak, and your "battery" is steadily running out of juice.

Nick: [Defiantly] Then I'll be a little more careful picking our search targets. We recently received enhanced data that narrows down our haystack considerably.
Gamester: [Raising an eyebrow] Yes, I'm aware.

[[The Gamester leans in, using his intimidating height to loom menacingly over Nick. He smiles pointedly.]]
Gamester: Duplicating yourself billions of times, even if unintentional, has to be the most unconventional approach to an infinitely hard problem I think I've ever seen...
[[Wilting under the Gamester's stare, Nick grins sheepishly.]]

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