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[[Nick and the Gamester begin walking away from the chaotic, dying universe and back toward the nondescript void they were originally in. Prompted by Gamester's prior comment, Nick asks...]]
Nick: About that... all those duplicates of Trudy and myself... they aren't going to cause any... lingering problems, are they...?
Gamester: [Shrewdly] I think you already know the answer to that.

Gamester: You now know where the energy came from to create them. I dare say that, combined with whatever was lost due to transference, they alone likely consumed an entire galaxy.
[[Nick cringes.]]

Gamester: Beyond that, their presence has irrevocably changed the fate of that universe. You left their equivalent of your early 21st century. You have no idea what their future holds.

Nick: [Sheepishly] Is there anything I can do to fix that...?
Gamester: [Avoiding eye contact] Leave them to me. And if you wish to sleep peacefully at night, it might be best not to think too deeply about how I'll handle it.

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