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[[The Gamester begins to wrap up his discussion with Nick.]]
Gamester: We have one final matter to discuss before I can return you home. A dangling plot thread, if you will...

Gamester: I mentioned previously how dangerous incursions of time and space can be, and of two of Pandemonium's unwitting cohorts...
Nick: [Grimly] Empress Trudy and "Nega-Nick".

Gamester: The Empress is no longer a concern. Let's just say your son handled her as his first assignment under my tutelage. Your "Negaverse" counterpart, on the other hand...

Nick: [Angrily] Let me guess. His presence in my universe will have disastrous effects the longer he stays there. Trust me, I'll be more than happy to show him the way out.

References: Todd's one-on-one battle with Empress Trudy will (eventually) be chronicled in the Premium-exclusive side story, Surreptitious Machinations II: Ashes to Ashes. (Yes, I know I've been saying that for years now. It will be released someday, I promise. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated.)
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