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[[The Gamester continues relaying his instructions to Nick concerning "Nega-Nick".]]
Gamester: A "foreign body" from another universe or time steam acts much like a pathogen. Each universe has a built in "immune system" to help root out such "infections".

Gamester: A temporal "infection" is like a fast moving virus. The damage it causes is rapid and severe, but so is the cure. Given time, the universe may cure itself, eliminating the threat.

Gamester: A spacial invasion, on the other hand, is like a cancer: slow, prolonged, and difficult to remove. You never encountered this because you never stayed in one place long enough.

Gamester: "Nega-Nick" is a cancer that will slowly destroy your universe the longer he remains in it. Sending him back is your second highest priority, and one task where you cannot fail.
[[Nick listens to the Gamester's instructions with grim determination.]]

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