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Nick: [With a hint of frustration] I'll gladly get rid of "Nega-Nick"... assuming I can actually FIND him...
Gamester: [With a hint of a smile] That detail may take care of itself. Odds are HE'LL come looking for YOU.

Gamester: His ego will not allow him to stand idly by as he fails and you succeed. Eventually he will seek revenge, although I fear he'll come back in full force.
Nick: [Grimly] I'll be ready for him.

Gamester: [Turning to leave] At any rate, finding the Earth should be your chief focus, and you're closer to achieving that goal than you think. Don't give up, but don't waste your resources either.
Nick: Got it.

Gamester: [Smiling as he walks off-panel] Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a rousing speech to give to a few billion unwelcome recipients. I'll return you home once that's done. Sit tight and I'll return shortly.
[[Nick watches flatly as the Gamester exits, leaving him standing alone in the dark, empty void.]]

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