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[[As the Gamester disappears into the dark void of the background, Nick slumps down in defeat, exhausted and overwhelmed. He sits down on the closest thing he can find to a chair: a large, glowing sphere. Other smaller spheres hang in the air around him. He puts his head in his hand and unleashes a deep, heavy sigh.]]

[[Another shadowy figure approaches from the opposite direction, surprising him.]]
Voice: You bear all the hallmarks of someone who just survived one of the Gamester's lectures: the heavy sigh, a defeated, haggard slump, eyes glazed...
Nick: [Recognizing the newcomer with surprise] Smythe?

[[D.C. Smythe steps around to Nick's other side.]]
Nick: I though you were over there, or... wherever, waiting...
Smythe: Trust me, when you've experienced one of his long-winded orations, you've experienced them all.

Smythe: [Leaning down to be level with Nick while flashing him a wry smile] "The Cosmos is in peril! Only you can save it!" Honestly, it seems the Cosmos is in peril every other week. I think it will survive long enough for you and I to have a friendly chat.
[[Nick cocks an eyebrow in surprise.]]

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