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[[After D.C. Smythe pledges his support to Nick, another familiar face returns.]]
Smythe: [Smiling] Ah... Todd, wasn't it? Here to see your father off, I suppose? That IS how you two are related, yes?
Todd: From an alternate time line that no longer exists, but yeah.

Nick: [To Todd] I guess I should tell you you're about to have a sibling... or, perhaps, an alternate version of you...
Todd: I've heard. It's complicated enough without the hypotheticals. Congratulations.

Todd: The Gamester will send Mischief here to take you home shortly. I just wanted to say goodbye--and thank you--before you leave. Not sure when I'll get to say it again.
[[Sensing Todd's hesitation, Nick's expression saddens.]]

[[Our view pulls back to reveal that Nick and Smythe are each sitting on a large, glowing sphere. Todd gives them an uncomfortable look.]]
Todd: Oh, and I hope neither of you have farted. Otherwise, you probably just gassed a bazillion or so inhabitants of those universes you're sitting on...
[[Instinctively, both Nick and Smythe glance down at the spheres awkwardly.]]

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