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[[In a flash of light, Mischief suddenly appears, floating nearby.]]
Mischief: [Smiling] 'Scuse me, fellas, but I'm here to take Nicky-poo home.
Nick: Guess that means my ride is here...

Mischief: [Turning to D.C. Smythe with a scolding tone] As for YOU, no playing hooky! The boss is looking for you!
Smythe: [Placing a hand on Nick's should as he rises to his feet] Teaches me to skive off, I suppose. Good luck, Nick. I have a feeling you're going to need it.

Nick: [Turning to Todd] Goodbye, Todd. If... if I don't see you again...
Todd: [Smiling] I'll be behind the scenes, acting as your backup. Don't worry, Dad. You've got this.

[[Nick watches Smythe and Todd as they walk off into the darkness. His back is to the reader, so we cannot see his expression. Mischief gives Nick a sympathetic glance.]]
Mischief: If you need a minute...
Nick: No, I'm ready. Let's go.

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