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[[Nick and Mischief materialize somewhere aboard the Grey ship.]]
Mischief: Here ya go! Right where the boss found ya, down to the second!
Nick: [Somewhat startled] Thanks, uh, Mischief.

Mischief: [Hovering in midair with a sympathetic look] Look, I know you've got a lot on your shoulders right now, but the Gamester always picks the right person for the job. You've got this. We all have faith in you!

Mischief: [Leaning in and giving him a kiss on the cheek] I mean, if you screw up, entropy will reign, an infinite number of lives will be lost, and all of reality will collapse, so... no pressure, right?
[[Nick seems taken aback by the gesture, as well as her comment.]]

[[Mischief begins to glow, then vanishes in a flash of light.]]
Mischief: Good luck!
Nick: [Bewildered and a bit defeated] Uh... thanks?

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