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[[Sharon and Patty run into each other as they walk down the halls of the Grey ship. Quite notably, Patty sports a broad smile, which prompts Sharon to smile in return.]]
Sharon: My, someone's in a chipper mood today! I haven't seen you smile that big in... I don't know, forever!
Patty: Believe it or not, Sharon, but I AM in a good mood.

Patty: Mark and I are getting reacquainted, having patched things up. I can't wait to meet his family now. Dex has been a gentleman lately, and even Trish and I are on good terms.

Sharon: Sounds like things are going well for you for a change...
Patty: I swear I'm like a new woman. I've got a new lease on life and a positive attitude. For once, things are going my way!

[[The two approach the MUTEX chamber entrance. Inside, we can see Fooker and Pi reviewing a data tablet. Outside, Trudy seems to be standing around, waiting.]]
Sharon: [To Patty] Well, I hope that trend continues! I'm happy for you, and I'll do anything I can to help!
Trudy: [Eying Patty suspiciously] What's wrong with your face, Johnson? Did Marshall die or something?

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