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[[Sharon and Patty enter the MUTEX chamber as the previous "away team" exits via a different door. Patty waves to Chris and Mark/Mike as they turn to leave. In the foreground, Fooker appears to be wrangling a MUTEX helmet. He notices the women as they enter.]]
Sharon: [To Fooker] Any word from Nick? He was supposed to be in charge next...
Fooker: Still zonked. No worries. I'm pulling a double shift.

Fooker: [Noticing Patty's uncharacteristic smile] What's up with P.J.? Her perpetual frown seems upside down.
Patty: [Unfazed] Har har. For your information, it's called a smile, because I'm having a particularly good day today.

[[As Patty walks confidently past him, Fooker reacts with mock surprise.]]
Fooker: Who is this woman? Did we find her "Negaverse" counterpart? Is she under Physaric control?
Sharon: [Giving her husband a wry smile] Now, now... Don't scare her off. This is a welcome change. Encourage it!

Patty: [Turning smugly back toward the others] Give up, Fooker. There is nothing you can say that can ruin my mood!
[[Behind her, Pi appears to be perusing a data tablet.]]
Pi: I need to readjust these settings. You've gained 1.46 megaflargons in mass since your last mission...

References: "P.J."; The "Negaverse"; The Physarics; If the estimated conversation listed here is accurate, 1.46 megaflargons would be about 2kg, or roughly 5 pounds
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