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[[Fooker, Sharon, Trudy, and Patty line up and don their MUTEX helmets. Patty is noticeably still smiling. Fooker nods to Pi, who is manning the controls.]]
Fooker: Whenever you're ready, Pi, my good man...
Pi: Initializing transfer sequence...

[[The MUTEX makes its characteristic ZWORM sound, and the quartet is instantly transported into a forest clearing. They remain human and recognizable, but their outfits have definitely changed. Trudy sports a dark sleeveless top, a short pleated skirt, and a boater-style hat with sunglasses on the top. Patty also sports a sleeveless top, this one being black, with a scarf around her neck and a toboggan on her head. As she is shorter than the rest, we cannot clearly see her bottoms. Sharon wears a midriff-baring tank top, short jean shorts, and suspenders. Her hair is much shorter and unkempt, with part of it pulled into a small, sloppy ponytail on the side of her head. Fooker sports a T-shirt, an open vest covered in pockets, and long pants. His goatee is missing, while is long hair is spiked straight upward.]]
Trudy: [Looking around suspiciously] Where the heck are we?
Patty: [Eying Trudy's outfit] It seems somewhat anime-esque...
Sharon: [Looking down at herself] And vaguely familiar...
Fooker: [Stroking his chin as he looks Sharon up and down approvingly] If you ask me, it definitely has possibilities...

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