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[[As the group continues to acclimate to their new surroundings, Sharon seems to struggle with a lost memory...]]
Sharon: There's something very familiar about all of this. I just can't put my finger on it...
Patty: [Looking down at her outfit] Then PLEASE tell me it gets better, like we all get actual clothes...

[[Suddenly, a strange man in a lab coat appears behind them, seemingly out of nowhere. He is bald, has incredibly large eyes and thick eyebrows, and is a good head and shoulders taller than our heroes.]]
Man: Greetings, young wranglers!
Trudy: [Jumping in surprise and instinctively clinging to Fooker for protection] Ah! It's a creepy old guy! And why is he so huge?

Man: I am Doctor Nutmeg! I see you got my memo!
Fooker: [Suspiciously] A memo? To meet some codger out in the woods. Sounds legit...
Sharon: [Thinking to herself] Nutmeg? Wait... no, it CAN'T be...

Nutmeg: [Spreading his arms wide in an all-encompassing gesture] Welcome to the wondrous world of--
Sharon: [Suddenly remembering, then shouting] POUCH CRITTERS!
[[The others turn and look at her with surprise and confusion.]]

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