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[[As "Doctor Nutmeg" holds his arms-wide pose, our heroes turn to each other.]]
Fooker: What's porch fritters?
Sharon: [Enthusiastically] Pouch Critters! It's one of my favorite video games! I played it all the time as a kid!

[[As Sharon explains, we see a cube like the one Dr. Nutmeg held earlier. It is open and empty. Surrounding it are four creatures: a small pig, a cat, a bird, and a fish. They all have a cute, cartoonish appearance.]]
Sharon: You play as a Critter Wrangler, who captures little creatures in Critter Cubes and train them to battle each other. Collect them all and you can fill out your Critter File!
Patty: So this universe is based on a video game? You guys once said you went into one of Nick's comic books, so I guess the same thing could happen again.

Nutmeg: Ha ha! Sounds like this young lady knows more about Pouch Critters than I do!
Trudy: [Drolly] Please tell me this is the only time we have to deal with Doctor Weirdo...

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