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[[Doctor Nutmeg remains oblivious to our heroes side conversations and continues his introductory speech as if following carefully programmed script.]]
Nutmeg: Now that you've all turned ten years old, you're old enough to begin your journey to explore the world of Pouch Critters!
Fooker: [Cocking an eyebrow] Ten?

Fooker: [Skeptically] What parent in their right mind sends out a ten-year-old on a solo trek out into the wild?
Sharon: In this day and age? None. In a video game, it's another story.

Patty: The first rule of writing for children: get rid of the parents.
Trudy: [Darkly] Or make them so horrible the kid WANTS to leave...
Patty: [Cocking her own eyebrow] THAT sounds like personal experience...

Fooker: [Pointing toward Sharon's chest] Yeah, well, I ain't seen no ten-year-olds with a pair of THOSE...
[[All three women give him a dirty look.]]
Sharon: [Hands on her hips] Maybe the MUTEX didn't feel the need to adapt them...
Patty: Maybe we're all early bloomers...

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