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[[Doctor Nutmeg holds three small cubes in one hand, while holding up a fourth in the other.]]
Nutmeg: I'm here to deliver your starting critters. Each critter aligns with a natural element, which has strengths and weaknesses compared to the other elements.

[[He opens one of the cubes and a small, hairy, pig-like creature hops out and bounds toward Fooker.]]
Nutmeg: You, young man, seem like an earthy fellow, so I'll give you Turfig, the ground critter. Earth critters are strong against air, but are scorched by fire.
[[As Fooker eyes the creature, it stares back happily with its large eyes.]]
Fooker: Um, OK...

[[Nutmeg tosses a second cube, and out pops a small cat-like creature. The tip of its tail sports a small flame that seems to be fueled from within. It bounds happily into Sharon's arms.]]
Nutmeg: For the fiery redhead, I have Coalkat, the fire critter. Fire dominates earth but is extinguished by water.
Sharon: [Excitedly] Coalkat! My favorite! So adorable!

[[Nutmeg opens a third cube and a large fish with big googly eyes plops into Patty's hands.]]
Nutmeg: For this young lady, I have Slurphish, the water critter. Strong against fire, but weak against air!
[[The Slurphish spits a strong stream of water into Patty's face, dousing her.]]
Patty: [Sputtering] And murder on your dry cleaning bills!

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